Why We Fundraise

Over the past 6 years, AUDM has raised a total of $1,571,809.00 for the Children’s Hospital at Piedmont Columbus Regional. This is Auburn’s local member of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, a non-profit organization that annually provides 32 million treatments to children around the country. On a national level, CMN hospitals treat 1 in 10 kids in North America every year! Although CMN includes hospitals across America, the funds we raise specifically benefit our local hospital in Columbus. Recently, the pediatric emergency waiting room was named after AUDM to recognize our organization’s continued contributions. Our donations are currently being used to re-design the neonatal intensive care unit that will provide improved treatment for newborns.

Why You Fundraise

The success of your fundraising efforts depends on your personal initiative and your communication of your passion for this cause. Explain your “why” – why are you FTK? Why is this cause important to you and to others? The better you explain your reasons for supporting AUDM, the more excited other people will become! Don’t forget to show your gratitude! Always thank those who donated to you. By supporting you financially, your donors have joined with you in this exciting effort.
  •  22 Ways to Fundraise!
      • Tip: Sharing the story of one of AUDM’s Miracle Children is a great place to start.
    • 1. Send support letters – collect the addresses of friends and family and send out letters. You can use the template provided or write your own. Add your personal story and reasons why you are FTK!
    • 2. Email friends and family – tell them your “why” and include the link to your online Donor Drive Page!
    • 3. Share your AUDM story and your Donor Drive link on social media!
    • 4. Babysit FTK!
    • 5. Be a designated driver for your friends!
    • 6. Throw a party or host a dinner and charge a donation fee to participate!
    • 7. Sell old clothing, textbooks, or unwanted items!
    • 8. Include your Donor Drive page link in your social media bios!
    • 9. Challenge your friends to a FitBit Step Challenge – the winner collects donations from the other participants!
    • 10. Offer car rides to class for a donation!
    • 11. Tell people why you are passionate about AUDM – donations often come from unexpected places!
    • 12. Collect spare change – it adds up quickly!
    • 13. Participate in all AUDM fundraising campaigns!
    • 14. Save $1 each day leading up to Main Event!
    • 15. Give up your favorite soft drink or coffee for the week and donate the funds FTK!
    • 16. Make a deal with your parents that they donate a certain amount for every A you make on a test!
    • 17. Do odd jobs (clean houses, mow lawns, etc.) for donations!
    • 18. Sell crafts (canvases, jewelry, game-day buttons, etc.)!
    • 19. Ask people to donate for your birthday in lieu of gifts!
    • 20. Design a fun t-shirt or tank top to sell to friends!
    • 21. Ask your parent’s employers to match your donations!
    • 22. Set up a benefit night at a local restaurant!

Feeling Stuck?

Don’t know where to start when you’re writing a letter? Don’t worry. Use any of the letter templates if you just can’t find the words to say!

AUDM Fundraising Packet

LetterTemplateLetter Template
EmailTemplateEmail Template
Follow-Up-Donation-EmailFollow Up Email
Thank-You-Letter-TemplateThank You Letter

We’ll Do All the Work For You!

Below are two Google forms that allow you to enter names and addresses for us to send donation letters and emails for YOU!  
formEmail Campaign
formLetter Campaign