Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I participate in AUDM?
    Auburn University Dance Marathon is an event like no other. The year long fundraising culminates with a 14-hour Dance Marathon filled with games, entertainment, food, friends and, of course, dancing. After spending all day standing For The Kids, the final reveal of the fundraising total is an experience you are sure to never forget!
  • How do I register for the event?
    You can either register with a group of friends, with an organization, or as an individual dancer. Go to our Dancers page for more details.
  • What do I get for registering?
    By registering now, you will be added to our mail list so that you can receive updates and other information about AUDM. At the event, you will receive a free dancer t-shirt, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and the best day of your life!
  •  What’s this about a fundraising minimum?
    So this year we will have our dancers expected to reach a $62 minimum to attend the main event for the entire 14 hours. We know that this may seem like a lot, but we promise you that it’s doable and, as always, it’s for the kids! The reason we chose 62 as the minimum is because on an average of 62 children enter a Children’s Miracle Network Hospital every minute. As you’re fundraising always remember why you chose to be a dancer this year and why you chose to help a cause that’s bigger than yourself.
  •  What will I be doing for fourteen hours?
    AUDM staff spends all year planning an amazing event for its participants. Different musical artists and local Auburn “celebrities” provide entertainment throughout the event. Morale Captains lead games in which everyone can compete. The winners earn miracle points for their team. You’ll get a chance to see where all the money goes and the impact it has on our Miracle families, who will be sharing their stories during the day. A Photo booth, Wii games, and many other activities are also available. AUDM is always a fun-filled day!
  • Do all the dancers have to come the AUDM?
    YES! After all of our efforts fundraising, we want every registered dancer to celebrate with us at the event.
  •  What do I wear to AUDM?
    We encourage dancers to wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Your team colored dancer shirt will be given to you upon arrival if you would like to wear it during the event. Don’t forget your dancing shoes!
  •  What do I bring to AUDM?
    You should bring a water bottle, a change of socks, deodorant, and phone charger. We have a secure area for you to check your bag, and claim it as needed during the event. We also encourage you to bring additional cash or card as you will have the opportunity to purchase merchandise and participate in several other fundraising events throughout the day.
  • How can I access my fundraising page and get people to donate?
    Follow this link to log in to our Donor Drive website and access your personal fundraising page. Just use the email and password you created during registration! Personalize this page with your own description of why you are involved in Dance Marathon and why you stand For The Kids. For additional help, check out our How to Use Donor Drive page.
  • How can I donate?
    Follow this link to access our fundraising page. All donations are tax-deductible.
  • Where does the money go?
    Your donation benefits Children’s Hospital at Midtown Medical Center at Columbus Regional Health. This money helps the hospital purchase specialized equipment, alleviate health care costs for families, and provide exceptional care to all children and their families.
  •  What are dancer brackets?
    Samford (1-15 Dancers); Heisman (16-30 Dancers); Nova (31+ Dancers)
    In order to promote an even playing field for the winners of the Miracle Cup, we will be awarding three Miracle Cups to three different teams in each of the three brackets; so there will be a Samford Miracle Cup, Heisman Miracle Cup, and a Nova Miracle Cup. The brackets are based on the number of dancers that you have registered on your team but start based on the number of dancers that you had at the end of the year last year. For example, if last year you finished the year with 17 dancers, but this year you only have 10 registered so far, you are still considered to be in the Heisman bracket. In order to win your bracket, your team has to get the most Miracle Points out of all of the other teams in your bracket. So if you are a Nova team and you have more Miracle Points than all of the Heisman teams, you will not get a Miracle Cup unless you beat every Nova team as well. For more information on how to get Miracle Points, see ‘Miracle Points’ under our ‘Dancers’ page!