Welcome to the official site of Auburn University Dance Marathon
AUDM just finished celebrating its 7th year, during which we raised an all-time
high of $568,417.07 all For The Kids! Every penny we raise goes towards
the Children’s Hospital at Piedmont Columbus Regional.
Join us February 9th, 2019 and help us make miracles happen


Unfortunately, registration for Main Event 2019 isn’t open yet, but check back in the next few weeks to go ahead and register early and start raising money. Remember that everything we do is For The Kids so we hope to see you throughout the year leading up to Main Event!


Whether it’s one penny, or a hundred pennies, all the money raised goes toward our kids and we are forever grateful for every single donation we get.

Auburn Guides

Make sure you download our guide on the Auburn Guides app! Just download the app and search for “Auburn University Dance Marathon”.

Miracle Kids

These kids are reason we do what we do and we want to make sure that they are getting the recognition they deserve for fighting the fight they continue everyday. We hope you remember these stories when you’re dancing for 14 hours on February 9th!